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Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits - What. I mean, looking at the cover and reading the summary, you definitely wouldn’t expect me of all people to fall in love with it. And sometimes, when I think about it, I can point out a lot of things that were wrong or that I didn’t like, but at the end of it all, I didn’t really care. I devoted my entire day, from three in the afternoon to three in the morning, to reading this book. If you look at my status updates on GoodReads, none of them were encouraging or really all that positive; but for some reason, I hit a certain point where I couldn’t stop reading long enough to update and say that I had totally changed my mind and loved this dang thing. Sure, I hated the perspective of the best friends towards Echo’s situation and that really bothered me, but I really fell in love with Noah’s story, and once that roped me in, everything else just fell into place.I’ll try not to make this a screaming fangirl type review, because I recognize this book did have faults, but at a certain point, I stopped caring about the faults because McGarry created a story and characters that I really came to love.An ARC of this was provided by my supervisor at the library.Read more?