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Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I…I suppose I’ll just start by saying that this was much better than Clockwork Angel. And I regret having ever dared Clare to make me feel the same types of emotions with this series as she did with Mortal Instruments. Because she has succeeded–big time.My best friend read this book before and warned me that my heart was going to break. But I don’t know if I really, truly believed her until I found my heart cracking into pieces, feeling my very soul being stripped away from me. I finished this book early this morning (around four!) and couldn’t even get my eyes to close until at least an hour later. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, that my entire world was going to crumble; mixed with the fact that we have to wait until December to resolve all of this, to fix what has happened. It’s like it’s crushing me, and that, my friends, is not a feeling I have had since I read ∙the Mortal Instruments.Usually, I can keep my reviews rather spoiler-free, although I always have a spoiler warning for the more detailed review to follow this smaller one. However, since I will focus mostly on all the feelings that attacked me while reading this, I strongly recommend not reading past this point until you have read the book yourself. Even if you don’t care about spoilers. The only way to find out is to read it yourself, because that’s when it knocks the breath out of you and feel as if you’re suffocating. It’s a surprisingly beautiful feeling, actually.Read more?