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Period 8

Period 8 - Chris Crutcher I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I read and where exactly it all went wrong.Well, I know where it all went wrong–I was sick of the dialogue by page two, and equally sick of the narration by page nine. I seriously contemplated throwing in the towel. But I figured plenty of books began crappily, so I kept going. And by the end, I was really wishing I had listened to my gut and called it quits early on. Honestly, I had way better things to do than waste my time with this book.There were tons of grammatical errors and typos, but considering this is an ARC version, I’m giving Crutcher the benefit of the doubt on that one (although saying “to much” instead of “too much” is kind of stretching my imagination a bit), but there were plenty of other issues to replace the writing. The characters all had the exact same voice, the guys in this book were so freaking sexist and disgusting that I could barely stomach it, and Mr. Logs, the teacher of the period eight class, did so many things that were so inappropriate for a teacher that I can’t even begin to list all the reasons he could be fired. That doesn’t start to cover the fact that this is a “thriller”, but where I was supposed to expect “page turner”, I got this jumbled story that was so convoluted and far-fetched by the end, that it almost didn’t even qualify as realistic fiction anymore.I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything, but I’ll do my best to organize and make sense, for the sake of anyone who reads this review.I got an ARC of this from my supervisor at the library.Read more?