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Hunger (Gone Series #2)

Hunger - Michael  Grant Hunger was so much better than Gone, technically-speaking. Grant got more comfortable in the writing of this series and was able to make lines and passages less choppy with “said”s and “asked”s, as in the first book. Though rather long for a young adult novel, the space is definitely needed to pack everything into this story! The threat of starvation to the kids of the FAYZ; the growing differences between humans and mutants continue to unsettle everybody; all of it had to be packed in here. Since this was a reread for me, I’m itching to read Lies because this book captures you; if you’ve come this far, you need to go all the way! The constantly switching points of view can sometimes catch the reader off guard, but it helps you get a feel for all the different characters. There are a lot of characters in this book; I probably couldn’t list all the important ones. However, you don’t feel so lost, because you do get to experience parts of the book from everybody’s point of view, even characters so seemingly insignificant as Bug, Hunter, Orsay, and Duck. (It helps the characters have such diverse names that they stick out in your mind!) Read more on my blog!