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Beowulf: A New Verse Translation

Beowulf: A New Verse Translation - As a side note, I’m wondering why it’s so hard to find plain summaries of classic books. Mostly they’re just praising the author or the novel in some fashion and it’s really hard to summarize what the book is just about. But I digress.I read this for my Honors British Literature class, and surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I didn’t know much about Beowulf before reading it, except it was a poem, and when people generally spoke of it, it was not with fondness. Almost everyone I know who has read Beowulf disliked it or hated it, but I was surprised (and glad) to find that I actually really liked it. I thought Beowulf was admirable in a couple different ways, although I’ll admit it can easily become boring. This will be one of my shorter reviews as there is not much to say!Read more?