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The Hunt  - Andrew Fukuda To be honest, I went into this not expecting to like it. I had heard a few funny things about it, so when I started to read it, I was surprised to see many of my GoodReads friends had rated it highly and seemed to enjoy it. The writing itself, I found very decent and could definitely improve and create a great story–but the elements of this story itself just weren’t for me. I didn’t like any of the characters’ personalities (least of all Gene’s and Ashley June’s), I thought the vampires in this novel were screaming distinction and uniqueness among the genre, and all in all, I just found it a bit too overdone for me to really enjoy. However, I’ll definitely read the next book–the climax was amazing, if a little busy, and it left off on a point that made me want to read more.All in all, a fairly average read, with a slight lean toward dislike–but not much.Read more?