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Prom Kings and Drama Queens - Dorian Cirrone I must be doing something right, because the last few books I’ve picked have all been downright awesome. I bought this book at a library book sale about a year ago and just never really got around to reading it–plus, I thought it would probably be kind of lame considering that it’s short and…well, maybe I have a little bit of a bias against library book sale books, since most times, they keep the good YA books and sell the crappy ones, hahah. But this was good! I really enjoyed Emily’s narrative and the characters. I, for the most part, liked the plot and had a good time reading it. Plus, since it is so short, it was easy to blast through and matched my summery mood. If it weren’t for one little thing that really bothered me, I definitely would have given this book a perfect five-star rating.Read more?