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The Ancestral Key - Elaine T. Cook Well…I was really, really hoping this book would be good. But, unfortunately, it was just…kind of crazy sometimes. The biggest issue was the language and word choice–the use of the thesaurus was completely out of control. There was rather poor characterization on the main character’s (Juliana) part, the plot was incredibly predictable, and the dialogue was so unrealistic that I couldn’t imagine any of these characters as real people. I feel like this book would do much better geared towards adults/the “new adult” crowd (age-, not plot-wise) rather than young adults, especially considering Juliana has to be in at least her late twenties/early thirties. It’s not really a “young adult” or middle grade book in any conceivable way, so it wasn’t really what I was expecting. However, there were a couple plot points I liked, and the writing itself (crazy synonyms aside) wasn’t bad–there’s definitely talent in there. Right now, I’d call it a little rough around the edges, though.Read more?