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Of Sound Mind - Jean Ferris I’ve been taking American Sign Language for the last three years at school, and it’s essentially one of the best classes ever. I love everything we do, and I love learning the language because it’s just beautiful. However, the assignment to read this book? I really could have done without it.To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much in the first place because it’s so short and I’m generally wary of any books I read in a class that aren’t classics. Some books you can just tell were written for a classroom setting that has all varying levels of readers and things like that, and this was one of those books–written so a third grader could follow everything perfectly and kept the pace moving so quickly that you couldn’t “get bored” with it. However, everything about this was just…awful. Theo and Ivy, the two main characters, are both self-absorbed and demonstrate crazy obsessive qualities. Theo’s mother, Palma, was also selfish and I couldn’t sympathize with anything she said or did, even when I knew I was supposed to. Mostly, I just wanted to throw this across the room and stop reading. I didn’t want to participate in the class discussions because I knew my teacher loved it so much and I just couldn’t find anything good to say about it. Overall, my experience was awful. And if you were considering this book, by any minute chance, trust me–skip it. It’s not worth it.Read more?