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At First Sight - Nicholas Sparks

Why in the world do I keep reading Nicholas Sparks books? I liked True Believer well enough, but it's sequel so far...uh, kind of sucks. A lot.


I mean, I really didn't need that "killed my cat in the dryer" story. Eugh. I could stomach Battle Royale with no problems, but kill an animal and tell me about how it happened, and there's a good chance I might throw up.


Plus, I didn't really like Lexie in True Believer, but when she chided Jeremy for wanting to get the porterhouse, I really wanted to slap her. He's taking you out to dinner, he moved at another state for you, he bought the house that you wanted, he's sleeping at a crappy inn because you don't want people to talk, and he won't even tell his own family you're pregnant because you don't want him to--oh yeah, and he's paying for your dinner. Let the man eat whatever the frick he wants to eat.