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Day O2: A Book You've Read More Than Three Times

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison - Lois Lenski The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux

Unfortunately, with reviewing I don't get to reread books very often. I've only reread one book since I started my blog (City of Bones) so it technically has two reviews (I tend to shoo people away from the first one, since it was the second review I'd ever written and...yeah, it was awful). But that's about it. And I don't think I'll be able to reread books for a really long time, considering the length of my to-read list and the seemingly counterproductive-ness of rereading when you've got a blog to keep up. (Not counting books I'm rereading from before I had a blog, and therefore have no current review, that is.)


So, with that being said, there are only a handful (a little bitty handful) of books that I've reread more than three times. And they are, of course, all time favorites.


Indian Captive: When I was younger (in elementary school), this was my favorite book. I'd read it at least twice a year, and when I was in the second grade or so, I loved "playing" school at home. I had little math workbooks and I would rotate "classes" and I always spent the most time in reading because I'd always be reading this book. (Wow, that really makes me sound like a nerd--I actually did multiplication tables at home...for fun.) The story has always spoken with me, and I just love everything about it. I haven't read it in ages, and I'm really looking to eventually getting to write a review for it.


The Phantom of the Opera: When I was five, my family went to go see the Broadway show. And ever since then, I've been basically obsessed with all things Phantom. I sang Music of the Night for a talent show in elementary school, I wrote Andrew Lloyd Webber a letter to express my love for his music, I was Christine for Halloween on more than one occasion. I think the first time I read this book, I was probably in the fourth grade. I've read it multiple times since then, and I will shamelessly admit that I do love the musical more than the original title. But they're just two completely different stories, and this one has its own merits. I make sure to read it again every couple years, and I doubt this will ever stop being a favorite.