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Day 14: Book Turned Movie and Completely Desecrated

The Mortal Instruments 5 book set - Cassandra Clare Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer New Moon  - Stephenie Meyer

I was really, really (really!) looking forward to doing this, but of course, I didn't have internet yesterday. So coming at you a day late!


City of Bones: (Yeesh, do I talk about this series enough?) But really. I've been looking forward to this movie since 2009, and I sat by painstakingly through talk of the movie, then dream casting, then years and years and years of it being on hold, and I just about died when the trailers finally came out. But how exactly do you turn this into a movie without messing with the plot?

Let's face it, most of the mainstream world doesn't want to watch a film series about two could-be siblings being in love with each other. So I agonized over the fact that they might change it to please people who hadn't read the book, and hoping that they wouldn't because it would destroy the fans.

(show spoiler)

And you know, I wasn't...uh, pleased. With much of anything. I thought the dialogue was kind of good, and I think Lily Collins and JCB both did a great job. (Oh, and we can't forget our resident Simon because HE WAS AMAZING.) didn't follow the book, like, at all. The writers expected everyone who saw the movie to already understand the world and there was like, zero explanation to what was going on. Everything was messed up, and the ENTIRE CLIMAX, I WANTED TO RIP MY HAIR OUT. I mean, it wasn't even in the right place, and they talked about Valentine's experiments and Hodge was all like, "if you tell them they're brother and sister, it'll break their hearts," and Jace didn't even recognize Valentine AT ALL, and IT WAS SO MESSED UP AND MADE NO LOGICAL SENSE AND IT WAS SO BAD WHY DID YOU CHANGE IT. 


*and that wasn't even the movie I needed to rant about*


Twilight: I included this to represent all the Twilight movies. I like the Twilight series. I was in love with it when I was in middle school. And ugh, when the first movie came out...ouch. It was so bad. The comedy parts were great and I loved the casting for the side characters, but watching it was like sticking a hot poker into my eye and then twisting. And the other movies were just...horrible. They gradually got better and honestly, when you watch all five in sixteen-hour megamarathon (which, yes, I have done--in the theatre...and I also skipped school to do so), they're actually kind of good. But this has to be one of the WORST series-to-movie adaptions I've ever seen. I mean...ugh.


New Moon: This one deserves it's own point. Rereading it, I loved New Moon. Because you know? Bella is dang strong. She inspired me. I've written entire, giant essay-posts on why Bella is an amazing role model in NM. But nobody remembers her that way. And you know why? BECAUSE OF THIS MOVIE. I mean, seriously. 


Book: Bella gets a job and takes on extra shifts and whatnot to start saving for college. She never misses a day of work because she wants her employer to be able to rely on her. She cooks a homemade dinner every night for her dad. She gets straight A's in all her classes because she dedicates more time to studying. Her parents suggest she get therapy in the first couple weeks after Edward leaves, but she says no because she doesn't want them to worry about her. She keeps up with her mom regularly via email and phone calls. She starts hanging out with a new friend and actually makes a new best friend who she's really happy with. She says herself that she would have been just fine if the Cullens never came back.


Movie: Let's just insert this circle-camera thing and make the months pass while playing a song about suicide in the background and also Bella shouldn't move and should just look really dead, like she can't live with it anymore and she should have no friends and she should be really depressed and she's really pathetic without Edward, ok.



Argggggg, movie, why?! I'm so pissed off about the way everyone handled this, like it somehow was more interesting or dramatic or whatever to present Bella as this depressed, suicidal vegetable--and NOW EVERYONE THINKS BELLA IS A PIECE OF CRAP IN NM BECAUSE THEY SAT HER IN A CHAIR WITH "POSSIBILITY" PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND AS THE MONTHS WENT BY. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. NO, THAT WASN'T WRITTEN. ACCKKKKKKKK.