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Day 15: Favorite Male Character

The Once and Future King - T.H. White Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices) - Cassandra Clare Demonglass  - Rachel Hawkins The Fellowship of the Ring  - J.R.R. Tolkien Pride and Prejudice (Puffin Classics) - Linda M. Jennings, Linda Jennings, Jane Austen A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks





Oh geez.

Look at that list.

That's the narrowed down list.


Arthur Pendragon: The idea that one man can have ideals so strong and pure that he will survive for thousands of years in the hearts of the people is I love that Arthur isn't always right--he thinks poor thoughts and comes up with answers that actually don't work at all. But he thinks and he ultimately does whatever is best for his people. I've loved version version of Arthur--the ones that portray him as perfect and even the ones that say he's a scoundrel. And when you come down to it, the army captain who once existed thousands of years ago, the one with the plaque that just says, 'Here lies Arthur' and began this whole thing--he's really cool, too. Because his troops loved him so much that they made that sign in the first place, the whole thing is just so mind-blowing that I can hardly think about it.


Will Herondale: This is my guilty pleasure character. I mean, I don't love him because he screws with Tessa's mind in CA and is the "bad boy" or whatever. I love him because he loves Tessa, because of the way he loves Tessa. He brings a whole new definition to "tortured". And just, when he tells Tessa he loves her and she tells him she's engaged to Jem, and he's just like, "oh, okay, Jem deserves you, you guys will be happy, just don't tell anyone about this, I want you guys to be happy" and JUST OW, OKAY, OW.


Alexander Callahan: Do I even need to...I mean...he's Cal. I've written essays on Cal. I've written fanfiction from Cal's point of view--it takes a lot to get me to write fanfiction! I just love him so much; he's so selfless and wonderful and perfect and just ajksecrnhyksevrsenkryejn. I love Cal so dang much, and I can't talk about him for long before just kind of bursting into tears. I love him for everything he does for Sophie, I love him for putting her above himself every single time, I love him for being real, and I love him for being real to me. I love him for the way he makes me feel when I think about his story, and I love him for every single tear I've shed over him. I love him for his personality, and I love him for what he represents. I just love Cal.


Samwise Gamgee: Gosh, Sam. What does a person even say about him? I just love that he takes care of Frodo, and he's always willing to watch out for him, no matter what happens. No matter how Frodo treats him, no matter what they have to face--he doesn't ever give up. That's so inspiring to me, because he goes through some pretty difficult stuff--even more than Frodo sometimes. Even when Frodo sends him away, he refuses to give up, refuses to let Frodo go alone, refuses to let the bad guy win. He's always good for a pep talk, and he's just this regular guy. And I know the whole point of LotR is that unexpected people can be heroes, but they're mostly talking about Frodo and I think Sam is even more unexpected and sometimes even more of a hero. He's just this gardener who likes planting stuff, and he just decides to go with Frodo. If it weren't for Sam, Frodo would have lost, the entire world would have been lost, and that's kind of incredible.


Mr. Darcy: Do I even need to explain this, I mean really. 


Landon Carter: Okay, I'm sure Nicholas Sparks is doing a happy dance right now because we all know how much I generally hate his books. BUT aWtR is just so good and I love Landon. He wins "Most Improved Character" award because of where he comes from and where he goes. He's so incredibly loyal, and I know I'm just a sucker for a cute romance, but I love everything he does for Jamie and the way he cares for her and it's just skcdrnhjvhjy I love him. I want one. (Although the same could be said for anyone on this list.)