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Sia - Josh Grayson

I made some bullet points today.


1) Holy stereotypes, Batman. I Sia inwardly thinks her two best friends are over dramatic and overly emotional because one of them starts to cry when she sees Sia again--which, uh, should seem that ridiculous considering her best friend was missing for a week. I don't care who you are, that would PROBABLY make you freak out. All these girls are "shallow" and "self-centered" because they wear makeup, like to do their hair, and wear cute clothes. You know what? A girl IS NOT shallow because she wants to look nice. Sometimes you just want to, I don't know, feel good? Sometimes you want to look cute and nice and stuff when you go out? I don't think I'm shallow because I won't go out without makeup on--I like wearing it. I think it makes me look better. And I'd like to, you know, like what I see when I leave the house.


2) Sia's family is also incredibly wealthy. Of course, her parents are snobs, they have a driver, and a Mexican housekeeper (who speaks perfect English, except for once?) and they laid on about every "rich family" stereotype they could find. They throw away money even though they're going bankrupt, and her mother is an alcoholic because she can't give Sia everything. But it's okay, because even though Sia's dad couldn't convince her to go to rehab for the last year, three sentences from the "new" Sia is enough to make her jump up and down and run to the car. And the doctor said she'd only be there a few more days at their one-week meeting. Because a week is all you need to kick alcoholism!


3) Sia. Sia sucks. She has NO flaws whatsoever. She acts so "holier than thou" towards everyone, and is offended on behalf of the homeless because Kyle suggest she, uh *not* go into downtown LA at night by herself. She is disgusted with anyone who ever might *once* be selfish about something. She cures her alcoholic mother in a paragraph. She offers to take on a job to handle some of the family finances, which is something only an *incredibly mature* teenager would do--which Sia is not. She gets pissy at her boyfriend, even though, despite his obvious flaws, he really does seem to care about Sia considering he *saved her life*. It's not any fun to read a book about a perfect character who is disgustingly condescending towards anyone who might have flaws of any kind.




5) I can't tell this is a man trying to write from a teenage girl's point of view. It's not working.