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Sia - Josh Grayson


(spoilers below)


The whole epic memory-returning-gotta-tell-Kyle-how-I-really-feel scene was just...ridiculous, is the word. A little girl hugs her and suddenly all her memories come back? And supposedly she was disgusted by who she was before, but the whole scene is entirely devoid of emotion. Sia never goes to therapy to help her regain her memories and nobody seems concerned that they're not coming back. To me, that seems incredibly unrealistic.


And then, ugh, Kyle is all like, "No, I get it, your memories are back, cool" and Sia is just like, "KYLE I LOVE YOU OMG" and Kyle is like, "OMG SIA, I LOVE YOU TOO" and I'm just getting ready to shoot the galley, because exactly how long have they known each other? Plus, the blurb makes it sound like the Kyle/Sia relationship is going to be a pretty big part of the story, but it's...not. It just isn't. It's barely talked about, except in "key" moments when Kyle and Sia are alone. Which is only for a couple scenes. The rest of the book is spent demonizing people (girls especially) who like to look nice at school.


And now my cat is sitting in front of my screen and I'm typing blind and maybe there are typos, but I don't know--I guess that's it for now.