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Ashes on the Waves - Mary Lindsey

Okay, so it's been pretty slow-going. Liam's old-timey narration is kind of hard to get used to, although the reason for it is understandable.


I want so desperately to like this book. And despite myself, I still sometimes have my fangirly moments. But a few things stand out to me the most:


1) Liam is kind of an obssessed stalker. Did I say kind of? I mean, like...a lot. He's been keeping tabs on Anna every since they were twelve, and he paints her all the time, and he keeps all the magazines with her in it, and he's memorized everything that happens to her...He's kind of overboard. And it's pretty creepy. It's really creepy.


2) I can't stand Anna. I hate how Liam is all cute and shy and stuff, but she manages to turn him into a sex animal. I can't stand how full of herself she is. I have this perfect image in my head of how Edgar and Virginia's relationship was, and what it meant to him to write Annabel Lee and I might be COMPLETELY wrong about all of it, but I don't care, and this whole book is ruining my interpretation. I can't really fault the book for not matching what *I* think the relationship should be, but NOTHING in the poem suggests that Annabel was a selfish brat. Why exactly does Liam love this girl? Just because she doesn't believe in demons?


3) The whole paranormal thing doesn't fit in very well. I get (kindofnotreally) the whole "demon inside" Liam thing and whatever with the village--but that could just be village superstition. Why are there these weird things in the water? Why are there Selkies? Why is there any of this crazy crap? The book would be fine, if not better, without it all.