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Day 27: The Most Surprising Plot Twist or Ending

City of Bones  - Cassandra Clare Thin Space - Jody Casella

omg people are so sick of me talking about tmi i'm sorryyyyyyyyyy~


Uhhhh, putting this under a "read more". Because obvious spoilers are ahead here. :P


City of Bones: I don't care what anyone says about this series ever. Because the ending of the book crippled me and I curled into a ball and I sobbed and cried and snorted a few times because I couldn't breathe through my nose anymore. I'm sorry, but Clare has an uncanny way of surprising the heck out of me. And this just....ahhhhhasdhrjkswchbrhsejrnhsjkebrhsbvg.


Thin Space: HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS. HOLLLLYYYYY CRAPPPPPP. Seriously, though. The spoiler/plot twist of this book is like, the most ridiculously surprising thing I've ever read in my entire life. Pretty sure I can give it that title. I mean....AHHHHHHHHHSCMRVJSDHYRJSDRNHYVJSDRHVSDJRJSDVR. THIS BOOK SCREWED WITH MY MIND. I CAN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. JUST DANG. DANNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.


I sat for like, an hour in my room, just trying to sort everything out. Ackkkk this book was so well done. I can't even think about it without feeling my head hurt all over again. ._.