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The Return of the King  - J.R.R. Tolkien

I'm like, ten pages away from the end of the story. I've cried a lot. The movie skims over the fact that the members of the Fellowship will likely never see each other again. Except maybe Aragorn. Watching Frodo and company say goodbye, one by one, to all their friends as they head back to the It's been tough.


And as someone who is reading this for the first time, the war in the Shire really took me by surprise. Whaaaaaa. That was an intense chapter, since it was the first and only where I haven't known what to expect at all. I kept forgetting Saurumon was still alive because he died in the Two Towers film.


But more than all that, the chapter dedicated almost entirely to Faramir and Eowyn = <3. I love those two so much, and they are my LotR OTP, and when Eowyn was like, 'Speak plainly' and Faramir was just like, 'Well here goes,' and then launches into all the reasons he loves her, it was just s,jerhnksrhtjsrhvjkcnhsejvkhr. And I still have the appendixes ahead of me, but I accidentally peaked at a family tree, and I will never stop squeeing over the fact that Sam's daughter married Pippin's son, BECAUSE SAM AND PIPPIN ARE IN-LAWS AND THAT IS JUST TOO CUTE.


This book is just everything I love. <3