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Me Since You - Laura Wiess

This book was extremely powerful, I can give it that. Per usual, I hated the present tense narration, and while I get the whole "without hindsight" concept, it's generally poorly executed, and was yet again in Rowan's narration. Plus, I hate to say it, because it wasn't the book's fault, but the unexpected "tragedy" really took a number on me at the wrong time, and I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I could have if things had been a little different in my life. There's nothing Weiss could have done about that, but it was still part of my experience reading this. We can't exactly be objective all the time, and whether a writer likes it or not, sometimes things in the book impact us negatively for reasons beyond their control. *shrug*


That being said, I cried more reading this book than I have for a while, and even the smallest moments of compassion or love between characters (especially Rowan and her mom, or Rowan writing to her dad) would make me tear up and scrub them away with the back of my hand. For me, that's a very good thing. I'm thinking three or four stars, although I'm not sure--considering I didn't even like the writing style.