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The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks

I still hate Ronnie.


She's reading Anna Karenina "just for fun".

One of her favorite movies is The Breakfast Club.

She appreciates vinyl records.


Also, she yelled at her dad for playing the piano.

And also screamed that she didn't even want to look at his piano because she never wants to play piano ever again. (And the man actually put a plywood wall and stopped playing the piano entirely for this brat.)

And then she stole her ten-year-old brother's Poptart (without saying anything to him and right after screaming at her dad) before leaving the house for the rest of the day, refusing to speak to either one of them.


Nope. I don't care how "cool" she tries to be. Not buying it. Still hate her.

The only problem is that I really like Will, so it's incredibly difficult to not be all fangirly when he does something adorable. Even though it's for Ronnie. Even though there is no logical reason on planet Earth for why he should like her, considering she's yelled at him and judged him and gotten pissy at him more times than I can count.