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Jude the Obscure - Thomas Hardy

General question: When did it become unacceptable for cousins to marry?


I only have books to go off of in answering this. It was okay in Pride and Prejudice, not okay in The Great Gatsby, and apparently not okay here in Jude the Obscure--sometime between 1813 (when P&P was published) and 1895 (when this was published). (Edgar Allan Poe married Virginia in 1835, so that narrows down the timeline.) I mean, there's probably not an exact date or anything. But it would still be nice to know. I like Sue, and I like that Jude likes Sue, but I'm not sure at what point I'm supposed to feel icky about it, hahah.


Anyway, I like this so far. It keeps a nice pace and I'm interested to see where Jude's obsession with Christminster goes, since we know it won't be all he thinks it'll be. (;