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And We Stay - Jenny Hubbard

This book is kind of...weird. I mostly like the style, but I can't bring myself to enjoy a third-person pretense tense narration. It's just too bizarre and documentary-like for me to get sucked into. I also don't like the focus on the intimate parts of Paul and Emily's relationship. (Like, why do I care that he ruined his pants the first time she touched him because he was a virgin?? Did that add ANY development to anything? noooooooo.


I do mostly like the poems and stuff, and the way the story goes back and forth between past and present. It's nice to see the effect on Emily because of what happened with Paul, because there are NO BOOKS ABOUT SUICIDE THAT ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT THE AFTERMATH.


I also don't like Emily's attitude that they would have had a happily ever after together if only Paul had just been okay with her getting an abortion. *climbs off soapbox before things get ugly*