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Blue Gold - Elizabeth Stewart

I'm not quite sure how I feel just yet. The writing seems a bit juvenile, which is a bit sad since so far we're dealing with one character who is probably going to go through heck and back for sexting her boyfriend, and another who was raped by a Mai Mai soldier. The childish and to-the-point style doesn't help convey the emotion that should go into a story like this, and that, so far, has been a downfall when I try to emotionally connect to the characters. 


I also have issues with dual narration, because you take (number of characters)x as long to tell the story as it usually would have. I'm already this far, and I know pretty much nothing about Fiona, except that she plays softball and she sexted her boyfriend (who she broke up with the next day), and very little about Laiping and Sylvie as well. I wish the book were a bit more focused, but it's by no means bad--it just hasn't pulled me in as much as I wish it would have by now.