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#16thingsithoughtweretrue - Janet Gurtler

really am enjoying this. I love the writing and Morgan's voice (my hatred for present tense aside, that is), and the characters are so easy to love. I wish this "road trip" book had a road trip that lasted a bit longer, but so far, I've got nothing significant to complain about.


I do have a question about Morgan's age, though. She's supposed to be eighteen, and she's going into her senior year in the fall (summertime in the novel). She tells Bob that she was born in December. Was she held back? She'd be turning nineteen in the school year, which doesn't make any sense if she didn't like, start late or get held back or something. (And the only reason I probably noticed is because I was born in December, and I turned eighteen when I was a senior.) Just a small continuity problem with her age and stuff, so...yeah.


Anyway, I'm having fun. (: Definitely recommended!