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Arousing Love, a teen novel - M. H. Strom

Because I know you all wanted more!


She propped her chin on one arm and studied me. "Do you think our relationship will be more serious when you come to Colorado?"


"Yeah, it's a big thing moving to another state to be with someone. It shows how committed we are."


"It shows how committed you are. I wanna show you how committed I am." 


"You already have."


"I wanna show you in a real way, not just with words."


"Like how?"


Joanna smiled and looked away. "You'll see. It's a surprise."


"You're gonna surprise me with something that'll show me how committed you are to me?"


"Yeah." Her smile broadened at my puzzlement.


"I know we both want to..."


Her smile was replaced with her own look of puzzlement. "Want to what?"


"You know, make love."


She looked shocked. "My surprise isn't sex!"


"Oh." I laughed.


She laughed too. "I know where your mind is." She smacked my arm. "You thought I was gonna surprise you with sex?"


"I don't know, I thought you might be planning to sneak out at night and come be with me or something."


"Would you let me do that? Would you let me give myself to you?"


I knew I should say no but it was too strong a desire to completely deny. "I don't know."


"Would you want me to?" She asked in a quiet voice, her eyes searching mine.


"Yeah...but we can't. I'm willing to wait for you until you're ready--"


"We are ready if we're totally committed to each other."


"What if we find out later we weren't right for each other, or one of us wasn't as committed as we thought?"


"I'm as committed as I say I am." She looked into my eyes. "If we have sex we'll be one flesh, and we could never break that bond. If you left me afterwards it would be the same as divorcing me, and I'd never marry anyone else. If I have sex with you I'm committing myself to you for as long as we both live no matter what happens. I love you, Zach, and I'm ready to make that commitment to you for the rest of my life."




"We should do it before I go back home to Colorado."




"Cause then I'll know you won't forget about me, and you won't change your mind about coming."




"I'm scared you'll just forget about me."




"That would be so hard. I just wanna know for sure that you're mine and I'm yours forever."


Joanna is INCREDIBLY immature. It's obvious that she has the mental state of a fifteen-year-old (or less). She's practically BEGGING Zach to let her have sex with him so he won't "forget about her" when she goes back home. IT'S BEEN A WEEK. In the next scene, she brings out PROMISE RINGS for him, while her parents are standing right there. And guess who's not concerned at all?? Right. Not the parents. It's totes okay that their fifteen-year-old daughter is sneaking around and ripping her clothes off and trying her hardest to seduce an eighteen-year-old. And uh, isn't that technically illegal in the first place?