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Anna and the French Kiss  - Stephanie Perkins

Not going to lie, I REALLY enjoyed this book. And I wanted so badly to give it a glowing five stars. But...


Well, to be honest, for a good while there, Anna bugged the crap out of me. I think it all begins with her drunken tirade when she gets mad at St. Clair (or do we call him Etienne? I hated the constant name-changing, too) for wanting to make up with Ellie. She yells at him for staying with her, even though Anna has been there. And after that, Anna is just...ugh.


She assumes that St. Clair feels the same way. And I know that we know he feels the same way, but her immature reaction to him wanting to stay with his girlfriend and not getting with her, coupled with her even more immature reaction by dating Dave-the-idiot to get back at him is just...UGH. That's the only word. Honestly. I hate when in books or films like these, the main couple just starts fighting and arguing and pissing each other off, because it's only extra drama that doesn't need to be there. There was no reason for any of it to be there. Watching St. Clair and Anna fall in love was enough of a story without the extra crap on the side. In my experience, that's not generally how real life works, and it made it difficult to connect to or empathize with the characters.


On the plus side, I was in love again by the end, though I can't ignore how angry and irritated I was during the portion of the novel where they just refused to get along. And like I said, constantly switching between St. Clair and Etienne really got on my nerves. I'm going to call him St. Clair because you can't just have a solid character for two hundred pages in a novel and suddenly decide to call him something different. Noooope.