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Big Fat Disaster - Beth Fehlbaum

I'll put it simply--this book is painful for me to read.


Not necessarily because the writing is bad--it's subpar, like most YA books seem to be these days--but because of how much I identify with Colby. 


Not in the way she handles things, or the way she speaks, or the way she lives her life. I don't have an issue with overeating the way she does, but nonetheless, I know exactly what she feels. I'm easily triggered by depictions or descriptions of self-harm and suicide. They're touchy subjects for me for multiple reasons, and letting death and suicide and self-harm be handled without proper severity or respect for the damage they all do, that's what really gets me angry.


So Colby talking about wanting to take the knife and cut off her fat? Her attempted suicide that results in the death of her cousin? Colby literally not caring at all that her cousin is dead? None of that is okay with me. I almost got sick on the plane reading all this.


So I don't really know how I feel. Is it good or bad that it elicits such a reaction from me?